March 24, 2023

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 – We’ve Started Immediate Cash Transfer To Nigerian Says FG

  1. we are not serious yet. if Nigerian government must do this, then they should do it right if money is made available to help the citizens feed while indoors then it should go round. 80% of the citizens can receive the money through the BVN.with this, people will stay indoors and help prevent the spread. if the world ends today, what happens to all this wealth they are keeping for themselves. The resent development will now make our so called leaders to fall back home and do the needful, that which they travel to other countries to see do and get according to late nelson mandela,,"time shall come where the white man"s country will no longer be safe for African leaders to travel to, they will be forced to stay and make a positive change for africans" 1918-2013

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